Confronting Fear

Confronting fear is less about taking risks that cause you to face the potential of your own death but is more about taking risks that cause you to face other people with the potential of your own life.

Here in thejauntycontinuum existential crackers are all the rage this time of year.


With fortitude,

Mr X


We share a universe. It is the absolute truth of certain philosophical strains: that this material of which we are composed is essentially the same material that has always been composing things, and that the ‘You’ and the ‘I’ of us is just that same old material perceiving itself from different angles. Me over here, you over there. And for those amongst us who favour a more post structuralist interpretation even the relativity of individual perception, and the illusions of difference or unity that we may all to well be imagining, I would say to you, go jump off a cliff. See how relative your interpretation really is. It doesn’t have to be a big cliff, just enough that it hurts when you land. Without the matter of your body to support it your consciousness would not be.

Yes, I know it’s a bit of a hole that’s getting dug here. I can hear dissenting voices clamouring at the parapets, hurling conter-arguements into the courtyard, screaming about Descartian dualism and the like, but look, it’s a short hand. Without the senses there is no sense of things – if you believe other wise be sure to look me up on the other side and I’ll buy you a drink and you can tell me you were right all along (or what ever existential equivalent pertains to the measure of your belief) As far as I’m concerned were all in this adventure together. Sadly I know that not all of you feel the same way. Thankfully though I don’t have to sit next to you on the journey.

So the Universe, whatever it is, is the everything that was, is, and will come to pass.

While the universe is one thing it has many layers. We experience it as a temporal dimension, a thing we are passing through, which is fair enough given our disposition as temporal beings. When in reality all moments are co-existing. Perhaps we’ll return to that point at another time. These layers are, what we call here in thejauntycontinuum, a Polyverse: an intersection of the following three realms: –

The Archeverse: All things originate from here. Pure potentiality.

The Ideoverse: Where that potentiality manifests as idea.

The Universe: Where ideas manifest as things.


Of course, the universe being what it is, it contains the other two principles as well.

Anyway I hope that clears things up for you.


Love and biscuits,

Mr X




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In one of the universes thejauntycontinuum intersects with there is an institution that you might call a church. It is a simple organisation for simple people with simple needs. Worship does not require either an external structures or an internalised dogma. Its congregation makes the very act of breathing an affirmation of the divine. There are no prayers that need to be said, no verses that need to be recited, no dietary restrictions or ritual adherence. You are free to worship as you see fit. All that is requested is that at some point in your life that you watch this. Nothing else is explained.


Exultingly Yours,

Mr X



I wanted to share this with you. It’s not an astonishing piece of work but I do think it is worth a look. I wrote it when I was learning to write film scripts. For me it works because I can still see the film playing out, scene to scene. It is easy to imagine. in part I believe that is due to the writing. It leaves just enough room for the Imagination to fill in the bits left unwritten.

See what you think.









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Routine vs Adventure

Well, routine is essential in small doses, and without repetition my sense is that I would still be asking people to help me on with my shoes. But aside from the education aspect, it is the repetition of mundane tasks, the endless dishes, the washing – clothes go on, get dirty, come off, go in the wash, dry, put them on again, repeat. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes. I love clean clothes even more.  For me adventure is an attitude. As I said before, without time to recognise the remarkable all I start to see is the mundane. Washing clothes I find mundane.  So it is not the routine. I like having routines, almost as much as I like having clean clothes. But I like having the freedom to abandon old worn out routines and build new ones. To not have to wash clothes for an indeterminate amount of time would give me the freedom to contemplate the majesty of the cosmos. Stain removal has just never done it for me in that way. For me then it is the repetition of routine that stifles my capacity to recognise the grand adventure that, in my more forgiving and grateful moments, I truly perceive this life to be.

And no, the irony is not lost.


Mr X




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‘The Metanormality Principle’ or ‘The Principle of Absolute Normality’ as it is otherwise known, states that normality is the only universal absolute. Normality, in the universal sense, cannot exclude anything as the universe is consistently all things. Things perceived as abnormal, uncommon, irregular and/or diverse are, by virtue of the fact they are part of everything, metanormal.

There. Doesn’t that make you feel better.


Metanormally Ours,

Mr X



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Ideoforming – Part One: Fresh Gravity

For those amongst you who are disposed towards simple explanations Ideoforming is the act of making something from an idea. An Ideoform is something that has been made in such a way.

This Manifesto was written prior to the advent of Mobile Phones possessing the technical capacity to capture decent videographic images and audible sound so might appear a bit out of date. At the time though it was so cutting edge practically everyone I knew ignored it. So it can be. All ideas have their time. It was designed to be a bit of fun and, like the best boundaries, it was self imposed and designed to provoke creative approaches to solving problems around making films on a low budget. It is provided here for academic purposes and in the in the vain hope that the application of obscure methodologies of filmmaking will help make the world a better place to which to live.

Spontaneous Regards,

Mr X

 * * *

An Alpinist Manifesto for Film.

‘Short is the little time which remains to thee of life. Live as on a mountain.’  Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

In 1954 the Austrian mountaineer Herman Bhul struck out for the summit of Nanga Parbat on his own. He carried no bottled oxygen, no tent, no sleeping bag and very little food. Returning to camp some 41 hours later, having soloed the summit, he was the first person to make an ‘Alpine style’ ascent of a Himalayan peak. Prior to this the strategy for climbing in the Himalaya was to lay siege a mountain, to edge ones way up a mountain, ferrying supplies up to ever higher camps until the summit could be reached.

Similarities can be draw to the act of filmmaking. At the time of writing The Fresh Gravity Film Manifesto Digital filmmaking was still in it’s infancy. It was just possible to edit the footage one had just shot on a laptop. No editing suit or movie studio was needed to lay siege to a story in quite the way it had for so many years before. And yes, there are plenty of examples of filmmakers working on the fly over the years but to focus to strongly on them would just spoil the conceit. So let us say, at least until the end of this page, that with the advent of digital technology, Alpinist filmmaking was born.

Tongue in cheek as it is, the manifesto is designed to stretch the skills and capability of the filmmaker, to force one to think ahead, to sharpen the focus and to attempt to maintain a strenuous pace from beginning to end.

The idea of making a film in 48 hours or less is not an uncommon condition for filmmaking competitions these days, and I imagine that severe time restraints are employed in film schools to a greater or lesser effect in pushing students to wards the boundaries of their own creative capabilities. However, The Fresh Gravity Film Manifesto goes a step or two further. Whether it will ever lead to the creation of a masterpiece remains to be seen. I suspect that we might have to wait some time. 



An Alpinist Manifesto for Film


We live in a culture where, through hard work and persistence it is possible for almost anyone to attain the fundamental hardware to make movies.

The Alpinist film maker must aspire to become the holy trinity: Writer, Producer and Director.

As within the sphere of alpinism there are stylistic considerations to be made as some forms being said to be purer than others. Of the rules that follow only the first three are essential for a film to be called Alpinist. The further down the list one progresses the purer the end result might be said to be.

  1. You and your team must be able to carry all their equipment with them on their backs and will not return home until all filming is complete.
  2. Neither you or your team will receive support of any sort from outside the team.
  3. The production team must not exceed three people.
  4. Always aim to solo a film. The only time you should work in a team is when alternative shots are needed. Therefore every member of your production team will be found carrying a camera or sound recording equipment.
  5. You, your team and your equipment will have the capacity to film for as long as needs be.
  6. When faced with a decision on shooting you must always attempt to take the shot as directly as possible.
  7. Neither you or your team will re-shoot footage.
  8. No Tripod may be used.
  9. Do not change your environment to achieve a desired shot. Accept your conditions and adapt.
  10. Shoot in sequence.
  11. Edit your film before you return home.
  12. Do not sleep.

Respect personal freedom and privacy at all times.

Measure your achievements against yourself.

Test the limit of your being.

 * * *

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Life simply gets in the way of blogging

Another eternal truth in thejauntycontinuum is that life gets in the way of blogging. It reminds me of all the diary’s that I owned, as a child, as an adolescent: that I bought for myself, or that were gifted to me. Each one contains an entry on New Years day. These entries contained factual information. Information about what was watched on television on New Years day. What food had been consumed. A comment about how much I was looking forward to filling in the diary over the coming year (not like last year)

Perhaps that will happen here.

Today we bought a car. It is a Honda. It is blue.



Mr X

Real Work

If I do not spend enough time contemplating the remarkable all I perceive is the mundane. 

Genius takes time. She was right. Who will not come to understand a thing given enough time? Is it any wonder that time is at a premium. Who steals time and what do they profit from it? Are they the ones responsible for a lack of understanding?

Welcome back.

With love,


Mr X