Routine vs Adventure

Well, routine is essential in small doses, and without repetition my sense is that I would still be asking people to help me on with my shoes. But aside from the education aspect, it is the repetition of mundane tasks, the endless dishes, the washing – clothes go on, get dirty, come off, go in the wash, dry, put them on again, repeat. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes. I love clean clothes even more.  For me adventure is an attitude. As I said before, without time to recognise the remarkable all I start to see is the mundane. Washing clothes I find mundane.  So it is not the routine. I like having routines, almost as much as I like having clean clothes. But I like having the freedom to abandon old worn out routines and build new ones. To not have to wash clothes for an indeterminate amount of time would give me the freedom to contemplate the majesty of the cosmos. Stain removal has just never done it for me in that way. For me then it is the repetition of routine that stifles my capacity to recognise the grand adventure that, in my more forgiving and grateful moments, I truly perceive this life to be.

And no, the irony is not lost.


Mr X




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