We share a universe. It is the absolute truth of certain philosophical strains: that this material of which we are composed is essentially the same material that has always been composing things, and that the ‘You’ and the ‘I’ of us is just that same old material perceiving itself from different angles. Me over here, you over there. And for those amongst us who favour a more post structuralist interpretation even the relativity of individual perception, and the illusions of difference or unity that we may all to well be imagining, I would say to you, go jump off a cliff. See how relative your interpretation really is. It doesn’t have to be a big cliff, just enough that it hurts when you land. Without the matter of your body to support it your consciousness would not be.

Yes, I know it’s a bit of a hole that’s getting dug here. I can hear dissenting voices clamouring at the parapets, hurling conter-arguements into the courtyard, screaming about Descartian dualism and the like, but look, it’s a short hand. Without the senses there is no sense of things – if you believe other wise be sure to look me up on the other side and I’ll buy you a drink and you can tell me you were right all along (or what ever existential equivalent pertains to the measure of your belief) As far as I’m concerned were all in this adventure together. Sadly I know that not all of you feel the same way. Thankfully though I don’t have to sit next to you on the journey.

So the Universe, whatever it is, is the everything that was, is, and will come to pass.

While the universe is one thing it has many layers. We experience it as a temporal dimension, a thing we are passing through, which is fair enough given our disposition as temporal beings. When in reality all moments are co-existing. Perhaps we’ll return to that point at another time. These layers are, what we call here in thejauntycontinuum, a Polyverse: an intersection of the following three realms: –

The Archeverse: All things originate from here. Pure potentiality.

The Ideoverse: Where that potentiality manifests as idea.

The Universe: Where ideas manifest as things.


Of course, the universe being what it is, it contains the other two principles as well.

Anyway I hope that clears things up for you.


Love and biscuits,

Mr X




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