Archeplasm. Part 2.

ArcheplasmLets get this straight, Archeplasm is everywhere. Being a neutrally charged mythoetheric substance it’s presence in the Universe is bound by  operators’ perceptions of it and their capacity to perceive the Archeverse that comes into being through it.

What does that mean?

To start with it means that when it is perceived it exists but when you try to look at it directly it disappears. Whether or not Archeplasm exists prior to it being perceived is a difficult question to answer, as is the question of whether it existed prior to it being discovered in the first place. As Archeplasm is raw potential one might conclude that it did, and for the sake of this philosophical enquiry we shall assume that that was indeed the case.

Because Archeplasm is raw potential it can never be observed directly in the universe, this is because as soon as we observe a thing we perceive it’s limitations, and though perceiving it’s limitations it looses it’s capacity to potentially be anything else. Only once one perceives the metanormality does one begin to glimpse the Archeplasm that it is, that it has come from, that it might become and that holds it all in place.

Because it is impossible to directly percieve it, other than through the imagination, Archeplasm is what is known as a mythoetheric substance. As such, the imagination is where we find it, from here we can experience it’s effects and attempt to explore or embody the fundamental principles of it’s nature, and in doing so broaden our comprehension of the universe. Which is no bad thing.

So how does this help improve your sense of wellbeing?

Well look, I never said anything about it improving your wellbeing did I? It might do, it might not. If you feel better thinking about it then I guess you have increased you sense of wellbeing. After all, it has that potential.


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