Economy and Revolution

There are many ways in which Art can be perceived as a revolutionary act. The most powerful for me is through the internal revolution of the self; to engage in experience in a way that shifts our perspective, that transforms our understanding of ourselves and the world. In this way we expose that which is submerged in our subconscious: attitudes, opinions, beliefs; complexes that drive us. We bring them to light, reflected in the attention we bring to the things and the events that we create, that we craft into being. In doing so we discover more about who and what we are. It is a path to self knowledge. 

So to say “I am an artist and my life is my art” is to ally oneself to the idea of being an attentive and reflective producer of your own experience of living. Without this sentiment we are destined to become consumers of our lives and not the producers of them.

This sentiment is the core of all economies and the soul of every revolution.


Yours tenderly,

Mr X




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