An Archenaut is a journeyer,

a traveller of self and of not self;

and of not not self,

and of the reflection that others call ‘World’.

And of the reflection that others call themselves.

And a reflection of what others do not call themselves.


An Archenaut becomes:

They are a process;

They embody process;

They are processes;

processing archetypes,

which are, in themselves, processes.


They do this for many reasons:

One, is to become.

To become becoming.


An Archenaut changes. Shifting from this to that and back.

Again and again.

And again.

Again and.


An Archenaut knows and does not know,

and does,

and does not,

and know this.


An Archenaut ventures,

and gains,

and looses,

and leaves,


And sometimes not.





and never.


This is Archenaut:

Being in the state of becoming.

And not needing to be or to become.





and never.




Thank you for your intention.

Message ends.


Mr X




                        all material © 2014


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