There is a world behind the world, full of forgotten absence and undesirable presence.
A recognition of this inhabits some. Their task:
To smooth the creases,
To unfold the folded,
To return the measureless to the measured.

There is no charge for this service.
Other than you sacrifice your beliefs on the altar of yourself.






Yours Archetypically,

Mr X



                        all material © 2014

The Quantum Santa Claus Theorem

Just to be clear on this, when someone tells me that they don’t believe in Father Christmas what they are actually saying is that they don’t believe that there is a single person called Father Christmas. This is akin to saying that one doesn’t believe in money, or liberal democracy, or Christ, because they are all just concepts. They may not be real in the physical sense but they most certainly exist. They exist because people invest belief in them. So much so that in the case of Santa (and Christ for that matter) people will dress up in a manor that manifests the archetype in physical reality. But this is just a canvas, archeplasm onto which one can project our own inner Santa Claus, with greater or lesser success

So thank you, Father Christmas may not be real but he does exist.

Now please stop trying to convince me otherwise.



Yours festively,


Mr X


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Transcinematics: Collaborative Transformational Filmmaking

Transcinematics. The origins of the term emerged with the inception of The Grey Man project: The project that eventually became The Gaps Between.

If you prefer bullet points there is a list below that you might find helpful, otherwise this is as good a place to star as any.

As I say, transcinematics is cinema that goes beyond, it was the first time I had felt the idea with a certain conviction. I was overwhelmed. It happens sometimes when I get an idea, or at least, when I perceive the range of an idea. Inevitably feeling marooned by the inadequacy of language; forced to communicate a coexistent manifold of potentialities in a linear sequence of utterances.

Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.


So, definitions…

O   Transcinematics is about transformation.

O   It is about you and it is about me and it is about us.

O   It is about using film as a medium to reflect people, as individuals, or as a group, back to themselves and/or to others.

O   It is about exploration and a collaboration.

O   It is about challenging oneself; to do that which you would not normally do, to say that which you might not normally say, to make that which you might not normally make: To play beyond the edges of your own assumptions.

O   It is about expressing yourself freely, but not without direction.

O   It is about doing something unique, participating with people in a way that generally doesn’t happen in day to day life.

O   It is magic.

O   And it is about a search

for joy,

or meaning,

or value,

or strength,

or all,

or some,

or none of the above.

It is sort of what you choose to make it

And you are sort of what it chooses to make of you.


Of course none of this is binding, or even guaranteed. It does however illustrate that this mode of working does go beyond what most people do with video cameras, both in the scope of how our content is created, how it is filmed and framed, and how it is delivered; how it finds it’s way back to the world.

It is not quite like anything else. At least not yet.
Yours in anticipation,


Clive Austin



                        all material © 2014